Stick Grips Handguard

Stick Grips Handguard

18,90 €

Even with all the gloves on the market, it’s still hard to find one that works perfectly. Most don't even protect your hands well enough to fully prevent callus. Others leave your hands sweaty and soak in moisture, where bacteria and fungi can grow. After multiple uses they start to smell, and if you attempt to wash them, more often than not, they will start to fall apart. None of this sounds very pleasant.

The aim was to make a glove that had none of these problems, and we found one. We present to you the Stick Grips handguard.

  • Non-slip grip surface made out of neoprene and cotton.
  • Comfortable, firm grip on almost any material.
  • Thin handguard, so easily to be used for pull-ups, benchpress and weight training. 

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