Palatinose® is the patented name for isomaltulose. This carbohydrate is a derivative of a natural source of sucrose. Palatinose® is made by enzymatic rearrangement of the alpha-1,2 bond between the glucose and the fructose molecule to an alpha-1,6 bond (cf. molecular structure).

The result of the aforementioned rearrangement is an extremely slow carbohydrate which allows an even better distribution of the energy supply in our body. Palatinose® was recognized in the EU in 2005 as Novel Food.

Palatinose® offers the following advantages:

1. Palatinose® supplies long lasting energy
Thanks to its slow and full absorption and hydrolysis, it supplies constant and long lasting energy to the muscles and brain.Palatinose® is slowly metabolized by the body causing only a minor increase in blood glucose level, as it enters the blood slowly.The result being that the energy obtained from Palatinose® remains in the body much longer and offers a constant supply over a longer period than e.g. glucose (cf. chart).

2. Palatinose® has a low glycemic index
The glycemic index (GI) of a carbohydrate is the value that indicates how much the blood glucose level rises after having eaten something. The lower the value, the better. Bad carbohydrates are those that have a GI over 50 and good carbohydrates have a GI under 50. Palatinose® has a glycemic index of only 32 (High GI: +70 and Low GI: -40).

3. Palatinose® guarantees a stable blood sugar level
The intake of too much sugar can lead to hypoglycaemia. The energy from fast sugars is indeed quickly supplied to the body, but at the same time glucose stores are quickly depleted causing a lack of blood glucose. This has several consequences: hunger, fatigue, shivering, ... and the so called ‘black hole'. The energy released by Palatinose® will take far longer to reach this limit (cf. chart)

4.  Palatinose® has a low insulin index
Palatinose® both has a minor influence on the blood glucose level and a low insulin index. Insulin plays an important role in the absorption of nutrients by our muscles and it contributes to a better energy supply and muscular tissue growth. Insulin secretion is induced by eating carbohydrates, so you need to take in enough carbohydrates (sugars) in order to perform well.

In order to stimulate a constant energy supply, you need to take both fast, slower and slow sugars. Taking only simple or fast sugars might lead to insulin resistance. If this happens, the body will no longer react to insulin and it will no longer produce the energy needed. As a consequence, all sugar will be converted into fat. Palatinose® has a low insulin index (=30) and therefore helps to stabilize the insulin level in our body. (cf. chart)

Palatinose® is used as a key ingredient in SynChronize.

Synchronize palatinose